About MrSyam (Malaysia)

watermarkHello and Assalamualaikum . My name is Muhammad Syamsid Dhuha Abd Wahid ( Malay Muslim ) . I am just a free writer and mostly photo life journey . just a kampung boy from Bota , Perak , 20  years old and not married yet . of course . im still waiting for thatt !! ^^ – Ex Iskandarian . NUS – ICYM student ( Electronics Engineering and Technology (FET) )

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28 thoughts on “About MrSyam (Malaysia)

  1. woww..!!you’re as same age as mine..but dah keje as a software engineer!!plus your english sounds really really nice!!and you know japanese??that’s another wow,,,ehehe..I’m impressed…btw nice to meet you..keep updating okayyy… =D

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Owh, you’re from MMU? We’re from the same university lol.
    Nice to meet you fellow University-mate 🙂
    Your Japan photos are awesome!

      1. I don’t see a cbox on your blog, so i’m not sure if I replied on the correct page, haha! Yes, superfan of RM. I’m like Indian mix Chinese, ! Its impressive that you are engineering student and working in AFA now! :O

      2. you remind me to put a cbox or shoutmix whatever the name is . haha. dont worry just comment in here . i will upgrade to cbox later . xD

  3. “Nihon language”? Ah, well… not really familiar of that word — but that’s probably because I don’t know that much about Japanese language, since I only focused on studying German. xD
    And you’re welcome! Your blog seems really interesting. 😀

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